In ShedRain’s 75 years, they’ve seen consumer tastes change and manufacturing technology evolve, but remain steadfastly “old-school” in one regard: They still go about their work with the same passion and dedication as the people who cut fabric by hand and personally delivered orders from that tiny Portland workshop.

The myth of college students simply needing an inexpensive or disposable umbrella to get them across campus when its raining is ending… Very few consumers actually plan ahead and add an umbrella to their shopping list – its an impulse buy – typically when it’s raining.

ShedRain® have proven through years of supplying major retailers across the country, that when a consumer is ready to purchase an umbrella, that they prefer to purchase a higher quality, ShedRain® umbrella.

All our ShedRain® products are decorated at our own facility in Missouri and every umbrella we offer comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

So many ShedRain® customers over the years, and really anyone who has ever held an umbrella, have wished for an umbrella that doesn’t invert. We think we’ve solved that for good with our Vortex™ Windproof Technology.

With anti-inversion struts and cables on all Vortex-enabled products, we’ve been able to create a solution that literally weathers a 75MPH storm – with ease.

While our Vortex™ products are highly regarded in the golf world, we think they do a stellar job at keeping the whole family dry on the sidelines.

Coming in 43″ and up to 54″ arc sizes, we definitely have options to keep you comfortable, no matter the weather. Look out for the “VORTEX” icon in our ShedRain® assortment.