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10 Essential Logo Items for Incoming Freshmen

It’s a major event that happens every Fall, and something you can capitalize on if you plan ahead.  Freshmen excitedly move into their dorms and away from the 18-year nest.  Parents are proud and spend-happy to get their new degree-bound babies a couple essentials to kick off the new chapter.  We’ve complied a Top 10 list of inexpensive items that every freshman will pick up their first weekend on campus.


1. 3/8″ Printed Lanyard, affectionately referred to by style number as “The 511 Lanyard”.  This flat tubular lanyard is easily one of our best-selling products in the whole MCM Brands catalog.  It has quality, all-metal hardware and subtly showcases a single-color repeat imprint.  It’s a new student must-have!  View product details here.


2. ID Swipe.  An inexpensive, super handy item to have stocked at the register — this plastic ID Swipe comes in 9 colors with space for a bold, single-color imprint.  Whether for building entry, using meal plan money, or buying a leisure read at the bookstore, students will love this convenient swipe style.  View all plastic ID holders here.


3. Leather ID Holder.  Speaking of ID holders, don’t forget to shop Carolina Sewn for those ID Holders too.  The C186 has been a best-seller for many years.  It comes in 11 shades of genuine leather and securely closes with a hook and loop closure.  For those students that expect higher design, or simply have more cards to tote — this style is for them.  View all colorways here.


4.  Square Acrylic Key Tag.  A key chain is undoubtedly one of the first items students go for, maybe even before Freshman Orientation, when they receive the long-anticipated acceptance letter.  Key chains are an expression of style that is not limited to males or females, and every bookstore should have more than enough to chose from!  View acrylic key tag styles here.


5. Wild Bunch Key Tag.  Keys aren’t the only place for a key tag.  Many freshman shop in-store and online to find the most stylish and durable backpack to last the grueling four years, only to show up and see many of the same walking around campus!  The good news is it can be personalized and accessorized… *enters the Wild Bunch Key Tag*. I said it before, and I’ll say it again… your bookstore needs plenty to choose from on the key chain display.  This little guy can represent a school mascot, or be a sweet gift for a sibling back home.


6. Aromatic Friends.  Plush continues to make the top 10 list!  Unlike any other plush Chelsea Teddy Bear Co. has offered before, this plush is scented with popular essential oil aromas.  The lavender (in color and smell) combats insomnia with a familiar, relaxing aura.  The white, vanilla-scented bear helps to promote happiness.  The brown bear boosts brain power with a cinnamon aura.  The royal blue bear reduces stress with a light jasmine smell.  View our catalog online to see all four.


7. Heavyweight Backsack.  This durable backsack is constructed from a heavyweight nylon and can be used as a gym bag, grocery tote, or some may find comfortable using as a backpack.  Best of all, this versatile style has a large area for a full color imprint.  Shop all colors here.


8. Nylon Backsack.  This lightweight-fabrication has many of the same highlights as the Heavyweight Backsack, but at a significantly lower cost.  At this price point, it’s good to note that it comes in bulk (no packaging, lower cost) and makes a great giveaway-item at freshmen orientation.  View product details here.

9. Pilot Pen 2-Pack.  This pen is hands-down one of the best gel roller pens on the market.  While being officially announced in the midyear catalog, you heard it here first — you can now mix colors within a two-pack for the same great price as regular 2-pack G2s.  View all colors for mixing here!


10. Silicone Media Wallet.  Second, only to our beloved 511 lanyard, the Silicone Media Wallet is a must-stock.  Students and alumni alike find this item to be very convenient for on-campus use or a night out, not to mention — very inexpensive.  View all 12 colorways here.