MCM Corona Virus Status

We are currently doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our dedicated team members, while continuing to offer the best service to our customers. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone during this time. We are all in this together and confident that we will get through this Pandemic. We realize campuses across the country are closing and it is putting a strain on not only the national and global economy, but also your business units. If there is anything that we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Below is a summary of our current situation.

On Friday 3/13/2020 we made the decision to offer associates that can work from home the opportunity to do so.  I have no doubt that our team will work as close to full office productivity as they can. We immediately made sure we had the hardware, software and network connections to allow associates to work from home. We expect that by Wednesday 3/18/2020, the employees will be equipped to work from home.

Our Fulfilment department (Natasha Lowe) and I (Lee Blount) will continue to work from the office. We are receiving shipments daily which need packaging and sending out and do not want to slow that down. We feel the risk is low having just two people in the office, working in separate areas.

As many of you know, around 75% of our products are decorated in our own production facilities in Doniphan, MO and Mobile AL. At these facilities, we have created “zones” that can only be accessed by employees assigned to those zones. Should an employee become infected, the entire zone will be shut down and sanitized as per CDC guidelines. At present, we are still working at full productivity, both in our office and production facilities.

As of 12:00pm 3/17/2020 we don’t believe we have any cases of the Corona Virus directly affecting any employees or family members. We hope this continues to be the case as the coming days, weeks and possibly months pan out. We hope the same is true for all our customers and their families too.

So, during the work from home protocol for the office team, we are still easily reached. Email would be the preferred method of communication however should you need to contact your CSR by phone, the direct dial extensions listed below will reach them during regular office hours (8.30am-5.00pm M-F). Also, feel free to call our 1-800-920-5944 and we will reroute your call when necessary.

Alex Greene (CSR) 828-650-3047

Ron Sharpe (CSR) 828-650-3052

Rebekah Stephens (CSR) 828-650-3067

Diann Stamey (CSR) 828-650-3066

Kindest Regards

Lee Blount

General Manager / Vice President. 757-646-7534