New Look

New Look

What’s changed you ask?

· New Name
· New Website
· Focused on our best items
· One Catalog
· Price reductions on best sellers

“Thank you for calling MCM Group, Carolina Sewn and Chelsea Teddy Bear, how can I help you today?” Now that is a bit of a mouthful! We are one company, so why not make it simple and encompass these three great brands into one. “Thank you for calling MCM Brands, how can I help you?”

MCMBRANDS.COM. Like our 2018 catalog, you will find all your favorite collegiate-licensed brands in one place: Chelsea Teddy Bear, Carolina Sewn, and MCM Gifts. You will able to search by style number or description, filter by color and price, as well as discover deeper information about products you see in the catalog. Throughout the year, we will be adding specials, closeouts, new products, and new functionality features.

You may also notice we’ve moved to one catalog this year. This was made possible by significantly reducing the number of items we are offering. This is a result of our desire to curate quality offerings with proven performance in the college market. Our offerings are full of merchandise with a proven history, that should render you the comfort of knowing you’ve selected successful sellers for your store. We know you work hard to provide great variety and style for your students, faculty and fans, and we believe that is exactly what you’ll find in the pages of our 2018 catalog.

You will still find each brand conveniently grouped within our catalog and websites but now, you can place one PO for any of our items, instead of three. Simplifying, Smartifing, call it what you will, but this just makes life that little easier for everyone!

Throughout our catalog, you will notice “Lower Price”, icons. You will generally find these on our best-selling items. We are excited to offer price reductions on our best-selling items rather than price increases this year. Doesn’t that sound nice!

Have any questions? Reach out to your sales rep or call MCM Brands on 800-920-5944.

Kindest Regards

Lee Blount

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

MCM Brands