Caffeine Makes Everything Better – the 45140 & 45140C 11oz. Ceramic Mugs

Experts predict that the drinkware market in the US will grow to almost $4.8 billion by 2025. (1) The collegiate arena certainly reflects the popularity of all things tumblers, mugs, and more, and it has been our #1 selling product category for the past three years. We now offer over 50 different SKUs in this collection. We decorate all of them at our own production facilities in Clearwater, Florida, and Doniphan, Missouri – no outsourcing means direct pricing for you!

Some 20 years ago, we became the first supplier in the market to offer sublimated mugs. Today, we’re still leading the way in decorating technology enhancements. In recent years we’ve introduce digital printing (aka the Digital Viking Nova Tumbler), and we’re excited about what the future holds.

But, I digress… I’m not here to talk about sublimated mugs or Digital Vikings. Today, I want to talk about the 11 oz. Ceramic Mug with 1- or 2-color imprints. Ten years ago, almost to the day, I walked into one of the most prestigious and highest-grossing bookstores in the country. I was quickly met by a large wooden table right at the front of the store with a pyramid of white coffee mugs stacked on it. It was impressive to say the least. The GM buyer proceeded to tell me they had to replace the wooden table at least once a year. Of course, this intrigued me. Why? Well, the store sells so many 11 oz. ceramic mugs that end consumers wear a hole in the table as they “swipe” these durable caffeine containers off the display!  

You have a host of choices when it comes to suppliers of this college staple. I’ve researched over 100 stores across the United States, with a mix of independent and leased stores. The average retail price is $9.99. Since admiring that tower of white mugs on a soon-to-be-replaced wooden table, I’ve been trying to find a great margin builder for our customers. I think I finally have. 

Come on! It’s just a ceramic mug. How exciting can it be, right? Here are some of the reasons that make it worth your time to try MCM’s 11 oz. Ceramic Mug:

  • Ethically sourced. We audit our overseas factory twice a year.
  • We decorate our Ceramic Mugs at our own production facilities in the United States. 
  • We keep breakage to a minimum by using newly developed eggcrate packaging as our standard.
  • A HUGE full-wrap imprint area of 2.75” tall by 7.25” wide means the possibility of imprinting different logos on each side of the mug or getting really creative to utilize the full wrap.
  • PMS match comes standard. 
  • UPC by graphic is available upon request.
  • Bundle and Save Pricing – Perfect for Name Drops. Minimum is only 36 per graphic but get the 144-piece price by ordering 36 x 4 different graphics. Here’s a popular example: order 36 each of MOM, DAD, ALUMNI, and GRANDPARENT. That is 144 Mugs totaling $259.20 wholesale (your investment). At the national average retail price of $9.99, the 144 Mugs have a retail value of just under $1500 – a handsome 80%+ margin!

So, why not give us a shot at your 11 oz. Ceramic Mug business… try some name drops, increase your margin, and see how easy it is to partner with MCM Brands

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Kindest Regards,

Lee Blount. General Manager / Vice President, MCM Brands