Our Commitment To CPSIA Compliance

Unlike many of our competitors, ALL our plush is designed, tested, and certified to be safe for ages 0 and up. This means that when your institution’s logo is imprinted on one of our plush products and in the hands of an infant, you can rest easy because their safety is certified by the CPSA.

Our commitment has much deeper breadth and depth than having a CPSIA Compliant seal on page 176 of our catalog. Compliance begins with choosing a production facility. A supplier must be able to show certified proof of compliance with substance regulations and product safety standards. The supplier must be able to prove that they can produce our plush without the use of prohibited materials. Once a relationship is established, we will go through a sample phase. While samples can be approved with available materials for general construction and aesthetics, what is actually tested must be an exact replica of the final product. This approval is crucial for us being able to claim that our plush is safe for ages 0+.

How can you check to see if your plush has age restrictions? Check the sewn in label for clear statements like “For Ages 3 and Up”, or “Not Suitable for Children under 3”. Because the entire line of Chelsea Teddy Bears are certified zero and up, you will not find any restrictions.

Our compliance team feels content, knowing that when we distribute this plush to stores all over the nation, even the smallest fans will not be at risk with our newest teddy bear. All children’s products (meaning, intended for use by ages 12 and under) in the US that are CPSIA compliant should proudly boast a label with the name of importer, operation address, contact details, and material information. This is to ensure that all compliance issues can be traced back to a certain batch at a certain production facility.

After being in the college market for so many years, we can attest that there are two qualities that every university wants associated with their name: integrity and esteem. This message is carried out by your alumni, public relations, quality of education, grace at sporting events, right down to what you choose to stock at your bookstore. When an outsider visits campus, the bookstore is always on the must-do list. Please let Chelsea Teddy Bear Co. help your institution make a silent statement that prioritizes cuteness and quality.

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