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Trending Now: Watermelon, Minty Green, and Stormy Teal

Watermelon:  This is not your typical hot pink collegiate fashion color.  This sophisticated relative of pink is seen in resort collections, vintage trends, and many housewares.  When bringing it into the merchandising mix, keep in mind that it plays well with deep red or light peach for a monochromatic look, and actually—minty green (see bottom right on the Minty Fresh trend board)!

Minty Green: A cool cousin of turquoise and a refreshing pop of pastel to awaken your wardrobe, minty green has made its comeback.  Your most burning memory of this color may be of your great-grandmothers mid-century kitchen countertops, but trust us when we say that it looks downright fashion-forward when playing on a vintage trend or in leather.

Stormy Teal:  Jewel tones have been hot and we believe that this smoky shade is here to stay.  Our signature Stormy Teal is easy to pair with beige, navy, deep red, or denim.  It has recently been made popular in interior design, athleisure, and leather.

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