MCM’s School Spirit and Tailgate Collection is your one-stop-shop for all things game-day. Start with the KOOZIE® assortment. Pack a picnic basket or set up your folding chair!

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Koozie® Chillin’ Bluetooth® Speaker Kooler

Koozie® Portable BBQ with Kooler Bag

Koozie® Picnic Basket

Captain’s Chair

Koozie® Backpack Kooler Chair

Koozie® Breaktime Kooler Backpack

Koozie® Scout 12-Pack Kooler

Koozie® Square Kooler

Koozie® Six-Pack Kooler

Koozie® Field Blanket

Koozie® Two-Tone Lunch-Time Kooler Tote

Koozie® Lunch-Time Kooler Tote

12″ Foam Hand

12½” Shaka Foam Hand

16″ No. 1 Foam Hand

18″ No. 1 Foam Hand

2.5″ Foam Basketball

3″ Foam Basketball

3” Foam Football

4″ Foam Basketball

4″ Small Foam Basketball

4” Foam Football

5″ Foam Basketball

5” Foam Football

6″ Foam Basketball

6″ Large Foam Basketball

6” Foam Football

7″ Medium Foam Football

7” Foam Football

8” Foam Football

9″ Large Foam Football

9” Foam Football